Refresher Driving Course

Refresher Driving Course

This is a course that is best suited to someone who is an experienced driver, and for whatever reason has either had a break from driving or is now after some time ready to get that licence and just needs a few lessons to refresh, refine and perfect your driving skills. Whether you hold a full licence already or intend to do your practical test fairly soon – this kind of course is the one for you!


Our refresher driving courses are designed for experienced drivers who have had a break from driving or who feel they need to brush up on their skills before taking their practical driving test. This type of course is well-suited for individuals who already hold Provisional Licence and Theory Certificate and who plan to take their practical test soon.


Our Refresher Driving Course is likely to focus on refining and perfecting driving skills rather than teaching the basics of driving. This Refresher Driving Course may cover topics such as defensive driving techniques, advanced maneuvers, and road safety rules and regulations.


Taking a Refresher Driving Course can help build confidence and improve driving skills, especially for those who may feel a bit rusty or anxious about driving after a break. It's always a good idea to refresh your skills and stay up to date with any changes to driving laws and regulations.

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LD GO Refresher Driving Course